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Le Jardin d'une PSY

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Analysis of the therapeutic impact on a patient suffering from a personality disorder with a possible perverse connotation and dissociation disorder in a traumatic context. ISBN 978-1-7352436-1-0. Intern. Journal Compl. and Alt. Medicine,Published: Nov 01, 2022 | pg. no: 3-18. Carine Duray-Parmentier, Noémie Nielens, Pascal Janne, Maximilien Gourdin

Publié le 22 Novembre 2022 par Carine Duray

Abstract: This work focuses on the treatment of people suffering from post-traumatic stress with identity dissociation and personality disorders and, possibly, a "perverse connotation" in the relationship with the other. It therefore seemed appropriate to ask whether it is possible to treat all these symptoms in the context of trauma psychotherapy. Should the personality disorder be treated before the trauma What elements should be taken into account when considering treatment Which approaches should be favoured What tools should be used in psycho-trauma techniques Or should we refuse this type of psychotherapy from the outset These questions and many others seem to be relevant, and the aim of the research will be to provide elements that can answer them concisely. The aim of this work will be to shed light on and reflect on the limits of the therapeutic work that can be envisaged, as well as the tools that can be used while accompanying the patient in his or her humanity and suffering, while respecting the limits of the therapeutic possibility.

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